YUFA Remediation

Faculty FAQs

How do I make a request for overwork remuneration associated with the completion of my Y 2017-18 and W 2018 courses?

Faculty seeking overwork remuneration for remediation activities associated with completing their Y 2017-18 and W 2018 courses are asked to submit the below form to their Dean’s Office.

Remediation forms should be provided to the Dean after the remediation work has been completed and not later than January 31, 2019.



  1. Will course evaluations be conducted during a Labour Disruption? The Senate Policy on the Student Evaluation of Teaching continues to apply during a labour disruption. Surveys may be conducted for all courses. The results of the evaluations conducted during the labour disruption are to be used at the discretion of individual instructors.
  2. What can I do if I believe my file for Tenure & Promotion has been affected by a labour disruption? If you believe that your ability to assemble your file for candidacy or tenure has been affected by the labour disruption, you may submit a written request to your Dean/Principal for a full-year stop-out of the Tenure & Promotion process.
  3. How will my request for a stop-out be assessed? Each request is assessed on its own merits. In this context, requests will be assessed based on the extent to which the strike impeded or delayed the candidate’s ability to assemble their file.