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Faculty Relations

York University, YUFA reach tentative agreement – February 10, 2016


A tentative settlement for a renewal collective agreement was successfully reached between York University and YUFA, the union representing the University’s faculty, on February 9th. The tentative settlement will be voted on by YUFA membership from 7 PM Tuesday February 23rd until 7 PM Thursday, February 25th.

Published February 10th, 2016 in YUFA

Bargaining Update #1 – January 4, 2016

York University 2015/16 YUFA Negotiations update

The negotiating teams for YUFA and the Employer had an initial introductory meeting at the end of May 2015, and then met through the summer and fall terms with a brief hiatus during the Pan Am and Parapan Am Games.  The teams met most recently on December 21, 2015 and are scheduled to meet again on January 7, 2016.

The parties have exchanged proposals on a wide number of topics and have made progress on many of the issues involved,  including issues relating to Affirmative Action and Employment Equity, the terms and conditions of Post-Doctoral Visitors, tenure and promotion (faculty), and promotion and continuing appointments (librarians), intellectual property, and teaching load.

On December 22, YUFA applied to the Ministry of Labour for the appointment of a conciliation officer. The appointment of a conciliator is a normal part of the negotiating process and can provide valuable assistance to the negotiating teams in progressing toward agreement.  The parties will continue to meet in January prior to the appointment of the conciliator, and we look forward to a continuation of negotiations and the assistance of the conciliator, once appointed, as we collectively work to reach a settlement for a renewal collective agreement.

Employer proposals or counterproposals tabled to date that address key priority areas identified by YUFA include:

  • A representation threshold for visible minorities (racialized groups) under the Affirmative Action Plan that aligns with national representation (the parties are agreed on the addition of a representation threshold but the representation threshold itself remains outstanding)
  • A revised mandate for the existing subcommittee on Employment Equity to include inclusivity and broadened responsibilities for the Affirmative Action Officer to support the revised subcommittee mandate (the parties are agreed on the revised subcommittee mandate and broadened responsibilities of the Affirmative Action Officer)
  • Inclusion of LGBTQ2 as an Employment Equity category (an issue that remains outstanding is whether LGBTQ2 should also be included as an Affirmative Action category as proposed by YUFA)
  • Incentive program for recruitment of aboriginal candidates (the parties are in agreement with the description of the program but have not reached agreement on the number of “targeted” appointments under the program over the term of the renewal collective agreement)
  • Establishment of a joint working group within three months of the ratification of the renewal collective agreement to revise the existing Criteria and Procedures for Promotion and Continuing Appointments of Librarians (the parties are agreed on the establishment of the working group and its terms of reference)
  • Revisions of the Tenure and Promotions Policy, Criteria and Procedures to incorporate community engaged scholarship (the parties have each exchanged at least two sets of proposals on this topic and continue to see whether agreement can be reached)
  • Replacement of the existing article on copyright and patents with a new updated article on intellectual property that was negotiated as part of the first collective agreement with the Osgoode Hall Faculty Association and recently added, with adaptations, to the CUPE 3903 Unit 2 collective agreement (YUFA has tabled counter proposals and the parties continue to discuss to resolve outstanding issues)
  • A new compensation and leave schedule for Post-Doctoral Visitors that is intended to be in line with compensation and leaves for unionized Post-Doctoral Fellows at other Ontario universities
  • Terms for the establishment of an expanded program to provide opportunities for a research-based reduction in teaching load from 2.5 Full Course Equivalents (FCEs ) to 2.0 FCEs
  • Expanded program applies to eligible professorial tenure-stream faculty in departments and schools whose normal annual teaching load is 2.5 FCEs
  • Expanded program commits to opportunities for a research-based reduction in teaching load for all eligible faculty every other year at a minimum
  • Parameters are set out for development of discipline-informed research-related eligibility criteria by individual schools and departments for approval by the dean
  • Inclusion of mechanisms to facilitate approval of research-related eligibility criteria in cases where school/department and dean do not reach agreement
  • Following ratification of the renewal Collective Agreement, establishment of a joint working group with equal YUFA and Employer representation to revise the course release schedule for academic administrators in Appendix P to align with course reduction support provided for administrative roles at other Ontario universities with a normal teaching load of 2.0 FCEs in relevant departments, with any diminution in course load reductions provided through Appendix P applied to the expanded program for research-based course load reductions

(By mutual acknowledgement, the parties have made progress on aspects of the teaching load issue.   Remaining differences between the parties centre, in large measure, on the research-related eligibility criteria for research-based course load reductions under the program and the “quantum” of releases to be available at the outset, prior to a review of other existing course releases including those under Appendix P; i.e., whether from the outset,  prior to the review of other existing course releases, all eligible faculty will have the opportunity for a research-based reduction in teaching load to 2.0 FCEs on an every-other-year basis, as proposed by the Employer, or on an annual basis. The parties are in agreement that the new program should not diminish the proportion of teaching done by full-time faculty. The parties remain committed to exploring ways to endeavour to reach agreement on a new program.)

The parties have also exchanged proposals on compensation and other monetary items.  While highlighting the restrained financial context of this round of negotiations, in addition to our commitment to providing resources in support of an expanded program for research-based course-load reduction opportunities, the Employer has tabled proposed increases in the overload rate for course directorships and tutorials and increases in the stipends for positions under Appendix P and have agreed to YUFA’s proposed harmonization of the rate for post-retirement teaching under Article 14 with the CUPE 3903 contract faculty rate. We have also proposed:

  • a substantive increase in the Conference Travel Fund
  • a new Transgender Fund
  • an initial Across-The-Board (ATB) salary increase with a clear indication that subject to the overall compensation improvements that are agreed upon, the Employer is prepared to agree to ATB increases in alignment with the pattern of settlement achieved by other employee groups at York.

We will continue to provide updates as negotiations continue.

Published January 4th, 2016 in YUFA

CUPE 3903 Negotiations

No negotiations are currently underway.

Published April 30th, 2015 in CUPE 3903



The negotiating teams had an initial meeting on May 8, 2012 and met several times from the end of May to the end of June.

A number of meeting dates are scheduled in July, starting in the week of July 9.

Regular updates will be provided as negotiations continue.



Published January 21st, 2015 in News

Negotiations Update #10

 April 8, 2012

The interests of our students and their academic success are paramount. The University’s overarching objective in these contract negotiations is to reach a new collective agreement with CUPE 3903 without any disruption. In the time that the University and CUPE 3903 have been meeting with the mediator, the University believes that progress continues to be made towards reaching an agreement. The University remains fully committed to the negotiation process and remains confident that a new collective settlement will be successfully reached without disruption.

The University fully understands the concerns of our students and the importance of being able to complete their exams. Currently the University is proceeding with exams as scheduled. It is important to note that CUPE 3903 has not yet set a strike date. In the event that a strike should happen at any point during the examination period, the University recognizes that exams for courses taught by CUPE 3903 contract faculty would be disrupted, and would need to be rescheduled. All other exams taught by non-CUPE 3903 members would proceed as scheduled, even in the event of a strike. If CUPE 3903 notifies the University of a strike, the University would immediately send affected students an individual communication via email, advising them if their exams need to be rescheduled.

The University and CUPE 3903 are next scheduled to meet on Monday, along with the mediator.

The University will continue to provide timely updates as negotiations continue.


Published January 21st, 2015 in News