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Faculty Relations

Expense Claims


Full-Time Faculty

In accordance with Article 25.08 of the YUFA Collective Agreement, eligible Professional Expense Reimbursement (PER) Claims for full-time faculty members must comply with submission guidelines and contain the appropriate documentation. Guidelines and forms are located through the links listed below.

Senior Scholars

In accordance with Article 14.04(e) of the YUFA Collective Agreement, Professional Expense Reimbursement (PER) Claims for senior scholars are to be submitted to the Dean office of your home faculty. Please refer the Finance website for complete guidelines, or click on the link at the bottom of this page.

Contract Faculty

Contract faculty members of CUPE 3903, Unit 2 are allocated a professional expense reimbursement (PER) allowance of $325 for every 1.0 course directorships, to a maximum of 3.0 annually. Unused funding is carried over for a total of 3 years, after which, if unspent, the funding is recouped. Receipts must be incurred and submitted during a semester you are on assignment. Receipts cannot be older than 15 months at the time the claim is submitted. Original receipts must be submitted. All claims must first be approved by the Chair/Director before being forwarded along to Faculty Relations. Please click on the links below to access the updated versions of the PER guidelines and revised PER claim form, alternatively you can visit the Finance website.

Graduate Student Teaching Assistants – members of CUPE 3903, Unit 1 – are entitled to claim reimbursement for books, through the Books/Supplies fund, relating to courses they assist in teaching. Under the Labour-Relations Committee’s guidelines, reimbursements are applicable for books which are ‘required readings’, in instances where desk copies are not provided. The Professional Expense Reimbursement form (PER), linked below, must be completed and accompanied with the course syllabus and original receipts. Please ensure the claim form is approved by the department chair and then forwarded to Faculty Relations.

>> PER Guidelines
>> PER Form
>> Senior Scholar PER Guidelines
>> Senior Scholar PER Form

Please note: All materials and equipment purchases through PER provisions shall be the property of the University.